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Founded April, 2014. Friends of River View Natural Area joined The Intertwine June, 2015


Portland Parks & Recreation recognizes Friends of River View Natural Area as the official Friend and Partner group for RVNA.


A volunteer stewardship event will be held Saturday, April 1, 2017 — 9am-Noon — Native Plantings and Trail Maintenance. For Details and to Register go [HERE].

A volunteer stewardship was held on Saturday, March 11, 2017 — 9am-Noon — Plantings along Trail 3.

FoRVNA has signed a Stewardship Agreement for RVNA! Read about it on our News Release page. We will use Facebook and Twitter to announce and remind Friends about stewardship events and other happenings in the Natural Area.

Details will appear on our Facebook Page... Follow us there!

You can also follow us on Twitter @FoRVNA

About the River View Natural Area

Describes features of RVNA, has a map of the management plan, and various other MAPS.

RVNA History

A Timeline from 1882 to the present.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some Q&A about RVNA.

About Us — Our Mission

Learn why we are committed to doing the right thing for RVNA.


We have a number of issues to deal with in RVNA. Park Rangers can't do it all.

Hiking the Old Trails

Hiking rules and suggestions. We provide a reference map of the existing network of trails. After RVNA plan (trails and interpretive areas) this section can become Explore RVNA.

Nature in RVNA

Flora, Fauna, insects, ... (Page needs development. Volunteer?)

Science in RVNA

Several researchers are conducting studies in RVNA.. (Page needs development. Volunteer?)

Birding in RVNA

A new Hotspot has been created in eBird for the River View Natural Area...


As per the Adopted RVNA management plan, dogs are Not allowed in the Natural Area, on leash or off.

Nature in Our Backyards

A trip into RVNA can raise awareness that our yards were like the natural area at one time. How can we care for Our Yards as an extension of that nature?


A working list of NGO Groups that support watersheds and wildlife.

Our Library

Authoritative documents and links to additional references.