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Friends of River View Natural Area (FoRVNA)

Values, Mission and Vision Statements (Draft)

August 2016

The following was submitted in late August to our contact with the city for review. We will update/revise after the autumnal equinox (September 21).

The Value Statement

The overarching purpose of River View Natural Area is to preserve quality cold water refugia and safeguard forest habitat.

This value statement defines the deeply held beliefs and principles of FoRVNA organizational culture, and acts as a moral compass to guide decision-making and establish a standard that actions can be assessed against. This fundamental core value is shared and acted upon by all members of FoRVNA.

The Mission Statement

FoRVNA exists to help promote, protect, and preserve RVNA as a valued forest habitat and cold water refugia.
  • FoRVNA supports the Specific Purposes: Conservation Values as specified in the (July 2011) RVNA Conservation Easement Agreement (2b), the City of Portland's Terrestrial Ecology Enhancement Strategy (June 28, 2011), and the RVNA Management Plan Executive Summary (October. 2015).
  • FoRVNA supports the (Oct. 2015) Ecological Prescriptions for RVNA, (which identify actions to improve the ecological health of a natural area, inform policy changes, and guide monitoring efforts); and the design and construction of a trail system sustainable from both a maintenance perspective and an environmental perspective.
  • FoRVNA endorses nature based recreation, such as hiking and nature watching, environmental education and research... (Conservation Easement P.3; Management Plan P.5). Compatible uses are those that do not cause undue impact on the habitat quality, water quality, or ecological functions of the site. Metro's conservation easement over the site stipulates that permitted uses shall therefore include public access for nature based recreation, such as hiking and nature watching, environmental education and research. (Management Plan P.32)
  • FoRVNA prioritizes ecological and conservation efforts over any recreational considerations: habitat, water quality, and forest health as the highest priorities... (Management Plan, P.5)
  • FoRVNA promotes PPR-supervised maintenance activities such as vegetation management and habitat restoration... (Conservation Easement P 3)
  • FoRVNA subscribes to the Leave No Trace ethic, Respect Wildlife, ... [LINK]

Vision Statement

River View Natural Area will be an urban environmental sanctuary and a model for community supported conservation education and ecological research by college and citizen-scientists.