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RVNA Foot Patrol

Here are the city's Community Foot Patrol guidelines: [LINK].
  • Purpose of a foot patrol is to report sightings of off road cycling and/or dogs, pick up litter, monitor trails for vandalism and dangers, ...
  • The foot patrol application would state where we think would could be most effective, and how we will report among the patrol, using special email addresses.
  • Foot Patrol members must have a colored vest and/or hat.

We would submit an application as per above guidelines, but it isn't clear whether it would be well received.

Once old trails are decommissioned, and the new perimeter trail is in place, it will still be important to patrol all trails. Decommissioned trails could also be patrolled periodically for several years.

To contact our foot patrol (non-emergency!) send email to: footpatrol@riverviewfriends.org