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Hiking the Old Trails

Trails in RVNA are a mishmash - old logging 'skid' roads, and game trails made wider by hikers and bikers. Some trails, both downhill and lateral, were built by bikers for their purposes. You will see banked curves, and mounding to make jumps and roller coasters. Wooden jumps and whatnot were removed by River View Cemetery groundkeepers when the property was privately owned.

Eventually, the ad hoc trails in the interior will be closed off and decommissioned, so now is the time to see the interior forest.


Before going, check the maps — they will help make sense of the trails. The trails are not marked! There are no signposts! We provide other maps on our About RVNA page.

Note about the Figure 8 Loop we published in 2106 — a segment of Trail 4 is now closed, so trail 5 and 4 have been eliminated from the loop. Be advised that trail 6 going downhill is steep. (Trail 4 was very rough and primitive, so it's good that it is now closed. Shown in Red on map.)

  • Friends of RVNA recommend Figure 8 Loop Hike. (2017 Reroute without Trail 4).
  • [PDF].
  • FoRVNA Working Map - Note STEEP warnings.
  • [PDF].
  • Portland Parks Rogue Bike Trails aka 'Social Trails' and Topographic Map
  • [LINK].

Tips for Hikers

  • There is No parking available on Palatine Hill Road. You can park along SW Brugger, just off Palatine Hill Road, and enter RVNA from there. Please park only on one side of Brugger so as not to choke fire engine access.
  • You can get to RVNA on Trimet Line #39, weekdays only.
  • We do not recommend accessing RVNA from Macadam (Highway 43).
  • Some trail segments are eroded and steep. Avoid sections marked STEEP.
  • RVNA can be dangerous during strong winds, and muddy after a good rain.
  • You may encounter mountain bikers who do not respect the March 16, 2015 closure. They do not need to be reminded that they should not be in there.
  • Pack out your trash. Pick no flowers! Watch out for snails.
  • Please leave in place any vines or weeds that have been tossed on trail. They will be removed by Parks.
  • See our FAQ (link in above header) for who to call to report any issues.

Trail Maintenance

On April 8, 2017 FoRVNA participated in a trail maintenance workshop. The first half was in a classroom, second half in the field. The group learned hands on — restoring ~30' of the Wildwood Trail, below Pittock Mansion. This might not sound like much, but the teams rotated, learning benching techniques, building rock walls, and how to raise the tread (PP&R's jargon for The Trail).