Birding in RVNA

A new Hotspot has been created in eBird for the River View Natural Area (separate from the adjacent cemetery land), and I would encourage birders to start using it. City staffers and others in the process are interested in accumulating basic data on bird occurrence in the forest here, and I have suggested that lists from the birding community via an eBird hotspot could help accomplish this goal.


The forest is quite beautiful now that the ivy has been removed, and you can get a good couple miles' worth of exercise. At times it's so peaceful it's hard to believe you're within the limits of a major city. Here is an example of what can be typically found here on a late April day: LINK

Source: Jay Withgott, Portland Audubon, member of River View Project Advisory Committee

Response to the above by a SW bird watcher and naturalist: Kinglets! We had none on our Birdathon last week. Impressive! Thanks for the (tip) - we will go exploring.

Tips for Birders

Before going, check our Hiking page: [LINK]

We welcome any observations you may have for the Birding page. The old trails in RVNA will be likely open for the foreseeable future. A totally new perimeter-only trail and a shorter, upper, accessible loop trail are proposed.