About The River View Natural Area

Hidden headwaters

River View Natural Area is bounded by:

The RVNA Management Plan is on the Parks and Recreation website [RVNAMP].

Here is a map of the proposed management plan for the natural area.

Click to see full page image.

There currently are no approved trails on the ground in RVNA. The new trail is only designed technically, not plotted on the ground. As of May 2015 there is no budget for RVNA, ergo no park rangers to enforce the 3/16/2015 Mountain Bike prohibition, nor funds to decommission 'social' trails, and so on.

Features of the management plan:

Current usage rules are:

Uses NOT allowed in RVNA:


Many maps of streams are contained in the Riverview Subwatershed Improvement Strategies Report on BES site? [LINK HERE].

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Hiking Trails

Hiking rules and suggestions. We will provide a reference Map of existing trails for our own purposes.

Birding in RVNA

A new Hotspot has been created in eBirdfor the River View Natural Area...


Doggies are no longer allowed in RVNA, on leash or off.