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Authoritative References

See River View Natural Area on Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) web page. Be sure to see the many links on that page, in the sidebar and at bottom of the page — Project Advisory Committee (PAC) Notes, Background Information, FAQs on the River View Natural Area Management Plan, and so on.

River View Natural Area - Site Tour Summary Technical Memo (2013).

River View Natural Area - Conservation Easement (7/22/2011).

Geocaching in Portland Parks POLICY MEMO (Updated July 23, 2015).

RVNA Library

Most all of these documents reside on the portlandoregon.gov web site one place or another. Some are multiple megabytes — so loading may not be instantaneous... Please be patient. We should indicate the relative size for you, but we don't yet!
1 Land Acquisition Strategy Ukn. - PPR [LINK]
  To ensure Portland's park system will meet the recreational needs of its community while also ensuring the protection of its unique natural and cultural resources.
2 Aerial Photo 1960 - PPR [LINK]
  No Abstract
3 Dogs in Natural Area Parks 11/21/2005 Zari Santner PPR [LINK]
  Dogs are not permitted off-leash in natural area parks. The Bureau and its partners will develop education and enforcement plans aimed at ensuring responsible use of natural areas and minimizing the impacts of pets.
4 Habitat Connectivity Analysis Map 2010 - PPR [LINK]
  No Abstract
5 Natural Area Acquisition Strategy 2006 - PPR [LINK]
  The natural acquisition strategy outlines a general approach and highlights priority actions. This strategy offers a vision developed with both city and regional partners.
6 Natural Resource Inventory Update 6/1/2012 - BPS [LINK]
  This inventory update helps implement the City's River Renaissance Strategy and the Portland Watershed Management Plan through the following activities like the River Plan, TEES, Willamette Greenway Project, Metro's Title 13, etc.
7 Natural Area Restoration Plan 3/2015 - PPR [LINK]
  It established restoration goals and strategies, management priorities and implementation actions. It is currently used to set restoration priorities (staff effort and funding) for natural areas. Updated 3/2015
8 Policy Name: Naming of Parks, Natural Areas, Recreational Facilities, and Regional Trails 1/8/2014 M. Abbate PPR [LINK]
  This policy provides Portlanders and PPR a systematic and consistent approach to naming our major assets, consisting of parks, natural areas, recreational facilities, and regional trails.
9 Portland Watershed Management Plan (PWMP) 2005 - BES [LINK]
  The PWMP guides the City's decisions and projects by providing a comprehensive approach to restoring watershed health. Implementing this plan is challenging, but at the same time it provides exciting opportunities to make meaningful improvements in watershed health.
10 Riverview Property Erosion Control Recommendations 8/29/2011 Ericka Koss BES [LINK]
  Letter to Mary Bushman (BES) regarding erosion observations at RVNA and recommendation for future trail construction.
11 Riverview Subwatershed Improvement Strategies Report 6/15/2010 Paul Ketcham BES [LINK]
  The report describes the current conditions of the Riverview subwatershed, in 2010, and identifies opportunities to protect and improve the watershed health. In addition to guiding the work of BES, it is BES hope that this report will provide residents and friends of the Riverview subwatershed an opportunity for community stewardship of the their local stream basin.
12 Riverview Subwatershed Improvement Strategies Summary 2011 - BES [LINK]
  Summary of the Riverview subwatershed improvement strategies report.
13 Riverview Natural Area Site Analysis Figures 11/21/2013 S. Roelof, et. al. ESA V-A [LINK]
  This memo to BES from ESA Vigil-Agrimis shows important spatial information overlaid on a base map to inform the prioritization and decision making process that will lead to the final concept plan.
14 Riverview Natural Area - Relevant Information/Site Tour Summary Technical Memo 10/25/2013 S. Roelof, et. al. - [LINK]
  This memo to BES from ESA Vigil-Agrimis summarizes existing relevant information regarding RVNA reviewed by ESA from comprehensive list of information. It also presents key items and issues discussed during the TAC site tour.
15 Riverview Natural Area Management Plan FAQ 3/2/2015 - PPR/BEW [LINK]
  Frequently asked questions as of 3/2/2015.
16 Riverview Natural Area Management Plan Open house 5/4/2015 - PPR/BES [LINK]
  Agenda from the 5/4/15 Open house.
17 Special Status Species List 5/7/2009 D. Helzer BES [LINK]
  Species of wildlife considered by CoP BES of special concern.
18 Special Status Species Wildlife List No Date - - [LINK]
  Species of wildlife considered by CoP BES of special concern.
19 Special Status Species Plants List 2009 - BES [LINK]
  Species of plants considered by CoP BES of special concern.
20 Memorandum on Special Status Species - Plants 8/17/2009 TEES Team BES [LINK]
  The CoP identified plant species that are officially listed or identified as being of concern by federal, state or other entities because they are rare, declining or of special interest.
21 Special Status Wildlife Species No Date - BES [LINK]
  The CoP identified wildlife species that are officially listed or identified as being of concern by federal, state or other entities because they are rare, declining or of special interest.
22 Summary of the Framework for Integrated Management of Watershed Health 12/2/2005 - BES [LINK]
  The Framework for Integrated Management of Watershed Health describes how the City of Portland plans to go about achieving and maintaining healthy conditions and ecological functions in its water ways in response to the Federal Endangered species Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Water Act and other policies.
23 Terrestrial Ecology Enhancement Strategy (TEES) - Summary and Update 6/28/2011 - BES [LINK]
  The purpose of the TEES is to have a common body of information and agreed-upon priorities for conservation and restoration of terrestrial plant and animal species and habitats in Portland within a regional and state context.
24 Metro Title 13 - Nature in Neighborhoods 11/28/2012 - BPS [LINK]
  The purpose of this report is to demonstrate that the City of Portland is in substantial compliance with Metro Title 13, Nature in Neighborhoods.

Web Page of reports

Portland Watershed Management Plan [LINK].


Wild in the City / A guide to Portland's Natural Areas, Edited by Michael C. Houck and M.J.Cody.


River View Natural Area Project Advisory Committee
Maija Spencer, project manager.

Galina Burley, PP&R Security Manager, 503-823-5459

Kendra Petersen-Morgan
Natural Resource Ecologist | City Nature West
Portland Parks & Recreation

Rachel Felice
Natural Areas Supervisor | City Nature West
Portland Parks & Recreation
1120 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 1302
Portland, OR 97204
503-823-4474 (office)
503-823-1233 (mobile)
503-823-2358 (fax)

Portland City Council
Amanda Fritz amanda@portlandoregon.gov 503.823-3008
Nick Fish nick@portlandoregon.gov
Mayor Charlie Hales

River View Cemetery
David Noble, Executive Director
River View Cemetery graciously allows bike passage and walkers
on their paved lanes during daylight hours between the Sellwood Bridge gate
and their upper gate on SW Palatine Hill Road.

Lewis & Clark College
Mark Duntley