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Trail Closure Plan

Please refer to the following maps:
  • Next Trails to Close [PDF]
  • Remaining Trails, After Closures [PDF]

Our post-closure map shows that the trails left unclosed emmulate the planned perimeter trail.

Trails to Close

Some trails were closed in 2010 when the River View property was first acquired. We do not know when PP&R plans to decommission the remaining trails.

The now-remaining social trails (aka 'demand' trails) can be closed individually, systematically, over time:

  • Trail #1 & #1B
  • Trail #6 between D & F on map.
  • Trail #7 all the way down
  • Trail #7A
  • Trail #8
  • Trail #3C

Also, trail segments that venture onto River View Cemetery property can and should be closed in co-operation with the cemetery:

  • Trail #4 (not including the segment of Trail #4 between E & F)
  • Trail #4B
We propose re-numbering Trail #4 between E & F to be part of Trail #5.

How many feet of different grades of the indicated trails are to be closed? Need accurate cost for the full grant application.


Interior Forest is a forest patch of 30 acres in size or greater that is more than 300' from the nearest forest edge.

Edge is a 200' wide area along the boundaries of the property that could be more susceptible to adverse impacts due to influences from urbanization.