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Our Last Stewardship Event of 2017 was 'No Ivy Day' — October 28th, 2017. Visit our new Stewardship Events page to see previous events.

Posted March 21, 2017. A stewardship event will be held Saturday, April 1, 2017 — 9am-Noon — Native Plantings and Trail Maintenance.

For details and to register as a volunteer, go [HERE].

Milestone: December 12, 2016. FoRVNA signed a Stewardship Agreement for RVNA. You can read the Agreement [HERE]. The four 2017 Stewardship events will be held on Jan 14, April 1, July 8, and on October's No Ivy Day. Mark your calendars!

FoRVNA has also launched on Social Media for timely information. Our website will be a quieter place used for references and longer term projects and issues.

October 2016. FoRVNA has received a Draft of the Stewardship Agreement for RVNA. Friends met with PP&R on 9/23/16 to discuss the draft. We have returned it with our comments. PP&R hopes to have the agreement signed in October. We will report on the agreement in November.

August 2016. In August, FoRVNA submitted draft Values, Mission and Vision Statements to our contact with the city for review. We will updated/revise after the autumnal equinox.

June 29, 2016. Message received from Metro via ZoomGrants: Thank you for submitting the application for Setting the Forest Free in River View Natural Area. I'm sorry to inform you that your 2016 Nature in Neighborhoods restoration and community stewardship grant pre-application is not being invited to submit a full proposal.

As you know, these grants are highly competitive. The committee received 19 pre-applications, totaling $517,351 in funding requests. The purpose of the pre-application review by the grant review committee is to determine which proposals to invite for full applications. In total, the review committee recommended inviting 12 proposals for full applications, totaling $355,200, or approximately 177% of available funding.

May 16, 2016, Portland, Oregon. Friends of River View Natural Area (FoRVNA) announced a number of initiatives today to help protect the natural area.

Setting the Forest Free in River View Natural Area

Today, FoRVNA applied for a Nature in Neighborhoods Restoration Grant, Setting the Forest Free in River View Natural Area.

A panel of judges will review all grant proposals. If favored by the panel, a Full Application for the NiN grant will be made in July.

Our Trail Closure Plan is on-line here [PLAN]

Contact: Friends Of River View Natural Area @

THUMBS DOWN ON THE PROPOSAL. We were naughty, and didn't get Parks buy-in before applying for the grant.

Parks Foot Patrol

(Post Pandemic) We would like to start a Community Foot Patrol of the kind used in Portland Parks. [LINK].

Contact the Foot Patrol, such as it is: footpatrol @